Capability to chamfer round bar stock in sizes ranging between 3.00mm DIA to 300mm DIA, with a depth of 10.0mm

Titan Engineering provides titanium raw material to customers, but what we like to provide is that “first step” beyond the raw material. We found that there were many customers who purchased rod/bar stock from us and when they received our material, their “next step” was to put a chamfer on the rod/bar.
Titan Engineering saw this as an opportunity to provide an “added value” service to this segment of the customer base. Customers can now purchase rod or bar products, chamfered to their specifications.

The benefits to the customer in this situation are that they now have one less operation to perform in their shop and reduced cycle time. Offering a chamfered product creates manufacturing efficiencies in our customers shop that translate to costs savings. Titan Engineering has the capability to chamfer round bar/rod stock in sizes that range from 3.0 mm DIA to 300 mm DIA with a depth of 10.0mm.