Titanium Round Bar Vs Ground Bar

Metal can be produced in a wide variety of sizes and shapes. These shapes can often look similar – such as pipe and tube – but have very different attributes and applications.

This is also true for a couple of round shapes: round bar and precision ground bar.

The Difference Between Round Bar and Precision Ground Bar

Round Bar

Round bar is exactly as it sounds; a long, cylindrical metal bar. Titanium Round bar is available in a variety of alloy grades and in many different diameters ranging from 3mm up to 250mm.

Precision Ground Bar

Precision Ground Bar, also known as ‘Turned, Ground and Polished’ shafting, refers to round bars made with fine precision and high-quality steel. They are polished to ensure flawless and perfectly straight surfaces. The manufacturing process is designed for extremely close tolerances for surface finish, roundness, hardness, and straightness which ensures a long service life with reduced maintenance.

Precision ground bars are normally made with tolerance h9 or h8. If you are going to use auto-lathe to machine these parts, buy precision ground bars so that you can use collet. Normally we stock ground bars up to Dia 1″.

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